In Istanbul, there are many ways to appear at the Vitrin.

Istanbul is an enormous metropolis. It is one of the most important economic and commercial showcases of the world... And now, Istanbul also has a Vitrin.

Suryapı Vitrin, standing out by its close location to the most important business and trade centers of Istanbul, primarily led by the Maslak region, is located as neighboring the TEM expressway at a distance of 5 minutes to the Maslak-Levent line. Suryapı Vitrin, which is located at a mere distance of 1.5 km to the Kabataş - Beşiktaş - Mecidiyeköy - Mahmutbey Subway Line that is at the tender stage, also has means of easy transportation to the Atatürk Airport by subway. At a distance of 13 km to the Türk Telekom Arena, 7 km to the Hasdal Intersection, the Vitrin is also located quite close to the 250-bed capacity Gaziosmanpaşa Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital, construction of which is about to be completed.

The Vitrin, which can be easily accessed through the TEM Expressway Gaziosmanpaşa intersection, offers a refreshing breath to Istanbul’s intense and active life with the view of the huge 120 acres’ city park posing as the oxygen source for the region.

It is no longer a dream to use these two words together, when asked to explain where you live. At the very center of the most important business and residential centers of Istanbul, a fantastic living area is emerging where you may enjoy style: the Vitrin.

The Vitrin, located almost at the center of the active and lively life of Istanbul, creates the feeling of a deep breath at its location. Making its dominance felt in the surroundings by the city on one side and the 120 acres’ city park panorama on the other side, it also has an architectural design that enchants everyone by its style.

One of the most stylish examples of low-storey architecture, the Vitrin brings along nobility and privilege by its stylish design. 4 blocks and 239 flats, which are compatible for each other, are awaiting those who prefer to enjoy real style at their homes. Suryapı Vitrin emerges for you, with the slogan of “the most stylish mode of home”.

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